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Property attendant Karl Golaub accepts his plaque for 10 years of service from General Manager Carolyn Wright. 
Accountant Maxine Gooden (left) gives board chairman and founder of Rondel Village, Joyce Wright, a hug after receiving her award for 27 years of service to the Negril hotel. 
Donna Kinlock receives her award for 20 years of service from Frances Peterson. 
Driver Kurt Pringle (right) accepts his plaque for 10 years of service from Managing Director John Wright. 
Board chairman and founder of Rondel Village, Joyce Wright (left), and her daughter, Frances Peterson.
Housekeeper Beverly Deans poses with Managing Director John Wright after receiving her award for 13 years of service to Rondel Village.
General Manager Carolyn Wright is hugged by Max Graber and his wife, Val, after the two were presented with a gift in appreciation of their multiple return trips to Rondel Village since 2005.
Chris Hart (centre) and her husband, Frank, pose with Frances Peterson as they receive their plaque in appreciation of their multiple return trips to Rondel Village. The couple has been coming to Rondel Village for their vacations for the past 17 years. 
Fiona McNeill and her aunt, Sylvia McNeill, were among the family members who turned out at Rondel Village to support the Wright family, owners of the hotel.

Rondel Village celebrates 30 years

Claudia Gardner, Hospitality Jamaica Writer

The Rondel Village hotel celebrated three decades of operations in Negril last Saturday night with an awards dinner in honour of long-serving staff members and its top repeat guests.

Among the staff members who received awards were property attendants Hugh Johnson and Karl Golaub, driver Kurt Pringle and Marlon Thorne of the Maintenance Department, who have all been working at the hotel for 10 years.

Housekeeper Beverly Deans and staff cook, Nerissa Smith, each received award for 13 years of service, while housekeeper Carol Malcolm was applauded for her 15 years of service. Housekeeper Portia Laing received a citation for 19 years of service, while her colleague, Donna Kinlock, received an award for 20 years of service. The hotel's longest-serving member of staff, accountant Maxine Gooden, was also hailed for her 27 years of sterling service.

"This year, we are celebrating our 30th anniversary, and I have decided to focus on our most important assets - our guests and our staff. We are recognising all staff members, and in particular, those who have been with us for 10 years or more. We are also acknowledging a few guests who have been visiting consistently for the last 10 years, along with a couple other guests who have stayed with us for close to 20 or more years," managing director of the hotel, John Wright, explained in his opening remarks.

The hotel was founded by the Wright matriarch, Joyce, and started out with three villas and three members of staff. The hotel has since grown to 56 rooms with a capacity of just over 120 guests, complemented by just under 60 members of staff.

Multiple repeat guests Harold and Mary Pritchett; Max and Val Graber; Frank and Chris Hart, as well as Kathy and Jerry Gibbins, were also acknowledged for being among the property's top visitors. The Dawson family of California was specially honoured for visiting the property every year for the last 28 years.

"James, Thelma, Shyra and Jimmy (Dawson) first stopped by Rondel Village in 1986 while walking on the beach. They returned the following year and have been visiting ever since. We even have letters written by Thelma and Shyra in 1991 describing their unforgettable visit ... thank you for being a part of our family for the past 28 years," general manager of Rondel Village, Carolyn Wright, told mother Thelma Dawson and daughter Shyra, who were in attendance.

In response, the elder Dawson expressed what she said was her love for the property and its owners and staff, whom she said were like family to her.

"I feel a part of this family, and I know I have become a part of Rondel Village. When we first started (visiting), there were three little houses and one lady (Joyce Wright) and a dog. One year, our bus was to come and pick us up at four in the morning and she got up and waited outside with us for the bus. I feel comfortable here; I love it here. Through the years, we have brought many, many people here. When you look at every little part of this place and you think of the hard work and the dedication and the love that these people have, you can't help but come back and enjoy it," she said.

General Manager Carolyn Wright told Hospitality Jamaica that constant upgrading of the property, coupled with its warm and very hospitable staff, were the main reasons for the property standing the test of time.

"Thirty years is very significant for Rondel Village because what we do is continually upgrade and refurbish, and it makes a big difference because the guests when they come back, they love it ... everybody who comes here comments how the staff is so nice and so friendly. There are a big asset to the property," she said. 

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