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Jamaica Tourist Board team members Lucretia Green (front) and Chaniek Lewis smile as they make their way through the cave. - Photos by Di Foto Shoppe 
Participants navigating the cave.
Participants making their way inside the cave.
Chief tour guide, Answorth Smith, lectures participants on how to navigate the cave's many fissures
Participants show off their dirt-stained hands and clothing upon exiting the cave.
Team members of the Southern Trelawny Environmental Agency and Printed Circuit Cave tour guides pose for the camera.
Small fissures provide the adrenaline rush.
Tour guide Sudeen Nichol-Clarke fixes a safety helmet on the head of a participant.
Team members of the Southern Trelawny Environmental Agency and Printed Circuit Cave tour guides.
Answorth Smith tells the group about the many landscape features found along the trek to the cave.

Adventure in the cave

Hospitality Jamaica's Karrie Williams recently took our quest for adrenaline-pumping adventure to another level when she visited the Printed Circuit Cave, commonly known as Rock Springs Cave, located in Trelawny's Cockpit Country.

Williams found herself navigating through a series of limestone fissures, some of which were large and provided minimal difficulty, but there were others so small, that she had to get down on her hands and knees and crawl or squeeze her way through.

To say that she had fun is an understatement, she had a blast! And the best part about this tour is that no caving experience is necessary, thanks to a team of seven well-trained and qualified guides who provided expert monitoring all the way through.

For those concerned about being bitten by mosquitoes, you will be happy to note that these critters are completely absent inside the cave, which is actually very cool with high oxygen levels. However, do ensure that your footwear is very comfortable and also bring along a change of clothing as this adventure will take you through water at some points along the journey.

Here now are some highlights of the day from Karrie and the Di Foto Shoppe team! 

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