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Romain Virgo to be 'Lifted'

Reggae crooner Romain Virgo promises to bring the heat at this year's staging of Reggae Sumfest as this will be the first time he performs with his own band.

This is not the only proof that Virgo has been growing and evolving throughout his career as he recently released his third project, an EP called Lifted. The Lifted EP is a precursor to Virgo's highly anticipated album Love Sick, which is expected be released in August.

He explained that this EP is to show that his aim was not to be doing the same type of songs over and over. "I'm just stepping out of the box a little bit and showing the world what we have to offer." Even with all the new developments in his career, he likes to reminisce on the years building up to his current progress.

Virgo recalls one of his most memorable moments on the Reggae Sumfest stage to be the 19th staging of the event in 2012 when he performed for the first time on Dancehall Night, a night that people would not expect him on, and his reason for this being the difference in the energy, the vibe, and the size of the crowd.

He said he also enjoyed the acts featured on that night. As someone with a deep interest in music and all its facets, Virgo believes in separating himself from the rest by learning all he can about music. "I always wanted to do music, but I also wanted to be different or else I would sound like some of the artistes nowadays who just go on stage and sing or perform but don't understand music, theoretically speaking."

He also wants to gain this knowledge for the purpose of teaching others. Virgo has been quite busy lately as he expects to do a few shows in Africa in the coming months. He just released the music video for the title track Love Sickfrom his upcoming album. Virgo will be gracing the Reggae Sumfest stage on Dancehall Night, July 22, for the fifth time.

When asked if there was anything else up his sleeve, besides the debut of his band on the Sumfest stage, he said that there might be a surprise guest in his set, but mum was the word for now. 

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