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Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett.

Bartlett vows to restore Canadian market

Responding to concerns by some hoteliers, Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett assured Negril tourism stakeholders recently that he will be personally leading the charge in arresting the decline in the number of Canadian tourists visiting Jamaica and revert to increased growth.

Bartlett noted that upon taking up office as minister of tourism in March of this year, he was shocked at the decline in stopover visitors from Canada, Jamaica's second-largest source market, now down by 17 per cent.

"The decline started before I assumed office as minister and is of grave concern to me, especially given the fact that I, as minister between 2007 and 2011, led the more than doubling of the number of visitors from Canada from approximately 165,000 to 380,000 per annum. It was a lot of work to get to that point then, but I am confident that we can restore the numbers and get back on a solid and sustained growth path," Bartlett said.

The minister noted that in 2010, he projected that the number of Canadian visitors to Jamaica in 2015 should reach 500,000 and that upon demitting office at the end of 2011, Jamaica was on track to achieve that target. 

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